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Arndale Market Foodhall

We went into Manchester today for a nosey around the Christmas markets. It was lovely to get out of Glossop for the day, and Miles really enjoyed how busy it was, and spent most of the day waving at people in the crowds. We shared a waffle with nutella in the market, but needed to nip in somewhere for a proper lunch, and to warm up!

Me and my husband lived in Manchester city centre before Miles was born, and loved the Arndale market foodhall. There are a few new stalls, but apart from that was the same.

enjoying sitting on his own chair.

enjoying sitting on his own chair.

The food… There was loads of choice. You can find sandwiches, noodles, Greek food, Indian food, pizza, Mexican food, pastries… you get the idea. It’s so much nicer than the main food hall. I had some Greek meze  and Little Dudes Dad had enchiladas from Panchos Burrito’s. Miles had some of both, lucky boy! He loved the stuffed vine leaves and butter beans from my meze, and the meat in the enchiladas was slow cooked and really easy to eat.

The highchairs… We couldn’t find any! The little dude is 14 months old now (how on earth did that happen?!) and doesn’t mind sitting on his own chair. My meze came in a plastic carton, and he used the lid as a plate. He also had ago with some plastic forks and spoons.

Would I go again… Without a doubt. Reasonably priced, loads of choice, never too busy and the Arndale changing rooms are good. So a big thumbs up from us. 🙂


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